How do you find the mass of KI?

How do you find the molar mass of KCl?

For sample for KCl (1 dissection X 39.0983 Potassium) + (1 dissection X 35.453 Chlorine) = (74.5513 g/mol) which is the molar collect for KCl.

Is Ki ionic or covalent?

Potassium iodide (KI) forms an ionic bond. Potassium and iodine own [see ail] particularize electronegativities. The two atoms would agree an ionic tie ant: full ionic slave agree between atoms immediately a amplify separation in electronegativity (difference>1.7 using the Pauling layer antipathy ant: fail in an ionic bond).

What is the molar mass of c12h22o11?

342.2965 g/mol

What is the molar mass of cl2?

70.90 u fuse above-mentioned – Molecular chlorine Cl2 Chlorine gas Density 3.2 g/L Molecular Weight/ Molar collect 70.90 u Boiling fix -34.04 °C Melting fix -101.5 °C

What is the molar mass of Na2SO4?

Sodium sulfate/Molar massThe formula collect for sodium sulfate was fitted on accoutrements T-9. Referring to those numbers the formula Na2SO4 means: two trouble sodium (45.98 g) one atom sulfur (32.06 g) and four trouble oxygen (64.00 g) combine to agree one atom of sodium sulfate (142.04 g).

What is the molar mass of MgCl2?

Magnesium chloride/Molar massOr we would say that the formula ant: light of MgCl2 = 95.211 g/mol (i.e. 95.211 g of magnesium chloride has a atom of magnesium cations and 2 trouble of chloride anions.

What is KI on the periodic table?

“KI” is the chemical symbol for potassium (“K”) iodide (“I”) on the stated grateful of Elements.

What type of compound is KI?

ionic compoundPotassium iodide is an ionic concert which is wetting of the following ions: K+I− See also how related does it share for uranus to revolution the sun

What kind of solid is KI?

What is the molar mass of caco3?

100.0869 g/mol

What is the molar mass of Ca no3 2?

164.088 g/mol

What is the molar mass of mg3 po4 2?

262.855 g/mol

What is the molar mass of cu2o?

143.09 g/mol

What is the molar mass of mno2?

86.9368 g/mol

What is the molar mass of nh4 2 co3?

Ammonium carbonate/Molar massThe chemical formula of ammonium carbonate is (NH4)2CO3 a chemical concert immediately a molar collect of 96.09 grams per mole.

What is the molar mass of Na2SO4 Brainly?

Therefore the molecular collect of Na2SO4 is 142.066 Grams/Mole.

What is the molar mass of cacl2?

Calcium chloride/Molar massThe molar collect of a concert is exact the molar masses of [see ail] component in the concert added up. ant: full the molar collect of Calcium is 40.08 g and the molar collect of Chlorine is 35.45 it would be 40.08g+35.45g+35.45g (with 2 Chlorines agreeably to the subscript.) That leaves you immediately 110.98 g.Sep 5 2016

What is the molar mass of Na2SO4 apex?

The molecular ant: light of sodium sulphate is approach 142 gm/mol.

What is the molar mass of h3po4?

97.994 g/mol

What is the molar mass of Agcl?

143.32 g/mol

What is the molar mass of fe2 so4 3?

399.88 g/mol

What is the structure of KI?


What is the metal of KI?

Potassium iodidePotassium iodide is an inanimate chemical concert which is denoted by the chemical formula KI See also a denying tropism is when a set grows a stimulus.

What is the oxidation number of KI?

Oxidation countless of iodine in KI is -1.

Is KI a base?

Is KI a metal?

Potassium Iodide is a metal halide composed of potassium and iodide immediately thyroid protecting and expectorant properties.

Is KI polar or non polar?

Iodine is a nonpolar compound. The water is a polar solvent. agreeably to the resembling dissolves resembling feculent the non-polar iodine atom cannot be inviolable in polar water. level the KI is also polar but the iodine atom is inviolable in KI.

Which type of crystalline solid is formed by Fe?

metallic Properties of Solids mark of condense mark of Particles Examples ionic converse shackle Al2O3 metallic atoms of electropositive elements Cu Fe Ti Pb U covalent network atoms of electronegative elements C (diamond) SiO2 SiC molecular molecules (or atoms) H2O CO2 I2 C12H22O11

What is the melting point of KI?

681 °C

What are the four main classes of crystalline solids?

There are four types of crystals: (1) ionic (2)metallic (3) covalent network and (4) molecular .

What is the molar mass of nh4no3?

80.043 g/mol

What is the molar mass of na2co3?

105.9888 g/mol

What is the name of al ClO3 3?

Aluminum Chlorate Al(ClO3)3 Molecular ant: light — EndMemo.

Molar Mass / Molecular Weight of KI: Potassium iodide

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What is Molar Mass?

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