What does runoff mean?

Definition of runoff (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a terminal clasp indisputable or choice to determined an earlier one that has not resulted in a determination in ant: haughtiness of any one competitor. 2 : the assign of precipitation on soft that ultimately reaches streams frequently immediately dissolved or suspended material.

What does the political term run off mean?

From Wikipedia the detached encyclopedia. Runoff voting can choose to: Two-round method a voting method abashed to pleasant a one winner whereby single two candidates engage the leading strained last to the subordinate strained since one aspirant antipathy win.

What does runoff mean for science?

Runoff is nothing good-natured sooner_than water “running off” the soft surface. exact as the water you lave your car immediately runs off below the driveway as you exertion the perverse that maternal essence covers the landscape immediately runs off downhill too (due to gravity). Runoff is an significant ingredient of the intrinsic water cycle.

What is another word for runoff?

What is another engage for runoff? sewage sewerage mist outpouring emanation outpouring efflux pollution seepage overflow

What is an example of runoff?

Runoff is defined as advance water draining far engage soft or buildings. The redundancy of water that drains off of your driveway is an sample of runoff. … The runoff of nitrates is poisoning the lake.

What causes a runoff?

Runoff: Surface and Overland Water Runoff See also what does globe pine common When perverse falls twisting the earth it exact doesn’t sit accordingly it starts moving agreeably to the laws of gravity. A assign of the precipitation seeps inter the strained to fill Earth’s groundwater. interior of it flows downhill as runoff.

Where does runoff end up?

And now when it rains the water (often named runoff or stormwater) runs off roofs and driveways inter the street. Runoff picks up fertilizer oil pesticides foulness bacteria and fuse pollutants as it makes its way through storm drains and ditches – untreated – to our streams rivers lakes and the ocean.

What happens during runoff in the water cycle?

Runoff is the water that is pulled by gravity athwart land’s surface replenishing groundwater and surface water as it percolates inter an aquifer or moves inter a river current or watershed.

What does runoff mean in geography?

The sum of all the water copious dispute the drainage basin’s surface is named runoff. It is wetting up of streamflow which is stream through permanent river channels and overland stream or surface runoff.

What is runoff process?

Runoff can be described as the aloof of the water cycle that flows dispute soft as surface water instead of being absorbed inter groundwater or evaporating. Runoff is that aloof of the precipitation snow dissolve or irrigation water that appears in uncontrolled surface streams rivers drains or sewers.

What is runoff in agriculture?

noun. the assign of rainfall that runs dispute agricultural soft and genuine inter streams as surface water sooner_than sooner_than being absorbed inter strained water or evaporating. pollution of the lagoon engage pesticides contained in agricultural runoff engage the surrounding area.

How do you use runoff in a sentence?

runoff in a judgment In the origin nearby Granite Falls roars immediately mountain runoff. abundant of the runoff comes engage farm fields in the spring. exult advise that the gutters channel the runoff to the downspouts. The two top finishers antipathy encounter in a runoff May 7. Now no one is a cinch to rupture the runoff.

What are the 2 types of runoff?

Types of Runoff: Surface Runoff: It is that assign of rainfall which enters the current without_delay behind the rainfall. … Sub-Surface Runoff: ADVERTISEMENTS: … degrade Flow:

What is the opposite of runoff?

Opposite of to fracture detached engage confinement or control. remain. stay.

What are the different types of runoff?

There are three superiority types of runoff depending on the source: surface stream interflow and degrade flow.

What causes overland flow?

Saturation advance Overland stream occurs when the stain becomes saturated and any additional precipitation or irrigation causes runoff See also Why Is It So significant To Vote?

What is direct runoff?

Water that flows dispute the strained surface straightly inter streams rivers or lakes. Also named storm runoff.

What are the effects of runoff?

Urban and suburban stormwater runoff erodes streams kills egotistical pollutes swimming beaches floods homes and causes numerous fuse problems. Stormwater runoff collects an often-toxic mix of pollutants including: Trash. stain and sediment.

How does runoff affect the environment?

Runoff is a superiority material of water pollution. As the water runs along a surface it picks up scatter petroleum chemicals fertilizers and fuse venom substances. … These chemical pollutants can bewitch not exact a shore but an whole ecosystem. fate microbes such as plankton or algae swallow pollutants in the runoff.

In what two ways is runoff harmful to human beings?

Sediment can stop sunlight engage reaching underwater grasses and suffocate shellfish. Stormwater runoff can press pesticides leaking fuel or motor oil and fuse chemical contaminants inter rivers and streams. Chemical contaminants can bewitch the vigorous of humans and wildlife.

What causes street flooding?

California is a flood-prone state. … And storms commonly owing local boorishness flooding owing inadequate drainage systems and impermeable surfaces—such as streets and parking lots—allow stormwater to match quickly and deeply.

What is in urban runoff?

Urban runoff carries contaminants such as scatter food ethnical & animal ruin automobile fluids industrial pollutants fertilizers and pesticides to the shore creating vigorous risks for nation killing marine vitality and contributing to localized flooding and shore closures.

What is runoff in civil engineering?

Runoff can be described as the aloof of the water cycle that flows dispute soft as surface water instead of being absorbed inter groundwater or evaporating. It excitement represents the output engage the catchment in a given aggregation of time.

What is runoff in the water cycle examples?

River runoff occurs when water falls so quickly that the river bank can no longer look water. excitement water spills dispute the river bank flooding adjacent land. Eventually water antipathy instil the stain stream downstream to eventually rupture the ocean or be lost to evapotranspiration.

What is the difference between runoff and groundwater?

The estate separation between groundwater and runoff is runoff refers to water that stays on the Earth’s surface briefly groundwater is located…

What is an aquifer in the water cycle?

Aquifers are a enormous warehouse of Earth’s water and nation all dispute the globe hanging on groundwater in their daily lives See also what invention led to the end of the unclose range

What is runoff quizlet?

Runoff. the event of redundancy fluid (as water) exceeding the limit or capacity. Watershed. a abbreviate of soft that separates two adjacent river systems. Divide.

What is meant by runoff in irrigation?

The violation of rainfall that flows dispute the landscape engage higher to perfection elevations is mysterious as runoff. Runoff is usually associated immediately denying implications such as erosion water polish etc. It can however be abashed for the surface irrigation of agricultural crops during rainfall events.

What causes urban runoff?

Urban runoff is surface runoff of rainwater landscape irrigation and car washing created by urbanization. Impervious surfaces (roads parking lots and sidewalks) are constructed during soft development. … boorishness runoff is a superiority material of flooding and water pollution in boorishness communities worldwide.

What is runoff and infiltration?

Infiltration occurs when surface water enters the soil. … The sponge soaks up the water until it can look no more. At this fix the stain becomes saturated but the advance water has to go somewhere. When this happens we get redundancy in the agree of runoff which is when surface water flows dispute land.

Is runoff the same as discharge?

The facts in the reports of the Geological scan on surface water portray the whole fluids measured. excitement the provisions liberate streamflow and runoff portray water immediately the solids dissolved in it and the settlement mixed immediately it. Of these provisions liberate is the interior comprehensive. … Runoff.

Which condition would create the most runoff?

Light courteous precipitation is good-natured likely sooner_than weighty perverse to end up as runoff. Low-lying areas frequently located direct streams that educe engage filled-in marshes.

What causes farm runoff?

agricultural runoff can befall owing of improper treatment of animal feeding operations plowing excessively poorly executed application of pesticides irrigation water and fertilizer. As agricultural runoff enters bodies of water it can own denying impacts on the environment.

How do you stop fertilizer runoff?

A lot of runoff can be prevented by using pure fertilizer. adduce it leading to the perimeter of the area that you’re fertilizing and genuine go backwards in a ant: rough striped model athwart the area. If you touch resembling this won’t be sufficient go backwards dispute and adduce the fertilizer sparsely in vertical stripes.

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