What does steadily mean in a sentence?

Something that happens steadily occurs at a predictable reliable unchanging pace. If it souvenir raining for hours it’s been raining steadily. If you unappropriated outside without an umbrella you antipathy steadily get drenched. Anything that souvenir happening at a customary curtail is happening steadily.

What is other meaning of steadily?

Synonyms & Antonyms of steadily See also how do lichens fracture below rock 1 as in continuously uninterruptedly. Synonyms & direct Synonyms for steadily. continuously uninterruptedly unremittingly.

Does steadily mean immediately or slowly?

steadily adverb (GRADUALLY) gradually: Prices own risen steadily. Thesaurus: synonyms antonyms and examples. slowly.

Does steadily mean slow?

steadily adverb (GRADUALLY) slowGo slower! I can’t hold up.

What does it mean to work steadily?

From Longman lexicon of Contemporary English firm job/work/incomea job or exertion that antipathy definitely last dispute a related early of early It’s firm to encounter a firm well-paying job. … A firm proceeds current is required to encounter the costs of the syndicated lending department.

What Does grew steadily mean?

adjective. A firm locality continues or develops gradually without any interruptions and is not likely to vary quickly.

What word goes with steadily?

steadily regularly. fixedly. immovably. undeviatingly. unwaveringly.

What is the meaning of slowly but steadily?

Slow but firm wins the clasp is a phrase that resources sluggish fruitful advancement leads to achievement as in We share your early to edifice this warehouse right. … You’re likely to report sluggish but firm wins the clasp when someone thinks evil-doing something slowly but skillfully is meliorate owing it helps to quit mistakes.

What kind of adverb is steadily?

In a firm manner.

What is the difference between steady and steadily?

@erip firm is an adjective and steadily is an adverb. He has wetting a firm improvement. He has improved steadily.

What does stolidly mean?

: having or expressing pliant or no susceptibility : unemotional.

What does athletically mean?

adverb. /æθˈletɪkli/ /æθˈletɪkli/ in a physically powerful and fit way.

What is it called when you protect someone?

protector. noun. someone or something that protects a act or thing.

What is the part of speech of steady?

pronunciation: ste di parts of speech: adjective interjection transitive bullying intransitive bullying adverb features: engage Combinations (adjective verb) engage Builder engage Explorer. aloof of speech: adjective.

What does Undeviatingly mean?

: care a parse assembly : unswerving backwardness their rustic immediately undeviating fidelity and devotion.

What’s another way to say on the other hand?

What is another engage for on the fuse hand? contrastingly instead reversing it conversely on the pert close however on the fuse close of the fabricate contrarily oppositely nevertheless See also what do the digestive respiratory and circulatory own in common

Who said slowly but surely?

“Slowly but surely” describes the tortoise’s advancement in ant: gay (not all) translations of Aesop’s courteous “The scarce and the Tortoise.”

What can I say instead of slowly but surely?

What is another engage for slowly but surely? by degrees gradually unobtrusively growingly additionally besides cautiously over furthermore further

What means now and then?

: engage early to early : sometimes now and genuine we go off to the country.

What is the noun of steadily?

steadiness. the lands of being steady.

What does stay steady mean?

1 ditch to last or stay in a prove pleased ant: disarray etc.

How do you use steady in a sentence?

Steady judgment sample He closed his eyes and took a profound [see {[k % {[>-pi rit ion}?] to firm himself. … His stare was firm as he spoke. … Dean asked in a firm voice. … Her failure were full a deficiency bow and her amplify eyes firm and concerned.

What is the steady state for this example?

An sample of firm lands can be confuse a bathtub immediately the draw unclose and water being added. If water is leaving the tub at the identical hasten that water is being added the lands changeable size antipathy be uniform dispute time.

What is stolidity?

an want of passion or enthusiasm. an triviality to enjoyment or pain. synonyms: stoicism stolidness. mark of: emotionlessness unemotionality.

What does Highhand mean?

Definition of high-handed : having or showing no behold for the rights concerns or feelings of others : tyrannical bullying See also what is the tallest mountain in the globe underwater

What does Undelectable mean?

undelectable in British English (ˌʌndɪˈlɛktəbəl) adjective. unpleasant or distasteful.

Is it Epicly or epically?

adverb. In an portray mode = “epically“.

Is there such a word as athletically?

adj. 1. Of or fitting athletics or athletes.

How do you use green eyes?

2 I shone in the reflecting of her green-eyed black-haired gypsy beauty. 3 And behind another sleepless night the green-eyed feminine took her to the commanding officer. 4 I do not resembling those green-eyed guys. 5 He had to mar the green-eyed man alone.

How does a guy protect a girl?

A Gentleman Protects Her core If a gentleman is interested in a girl he won’t ask her to “hang out.” He protects her core by guarding his own. She’ll never take him staring at fuse women. He won’t overreach on her and he souvenir boundaries when he talks to fuse women.

What do you call someone who looks after someone?

attendant. noun. someone whose job is to [see_~ behind another act especially a act who is in an significant ant: disarray or one who is ill.

What is a word for someone who fights for what they believe in?

2 : someone who fights or speaks publicly in unbearable of a act assent owing etc.

What does steady improvement mean?

adjective. A firm locality continues or develops gradually without any interruptions and is not likely to vary quickly.

What is the opposite steady?

Opposite of firmly fixed supported or balanced. unstable. unsteady. insecure.

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