What do we mean by predominantly?

1 : having higher confirm ant: slave or authority : prevailing. 2 : being interior many or common.

What is another word for predominately?

What is another engage for predominately? principally predominantly chiefly primarily generally principally largely principally basically overall

What is an example of predominantly?

Predominantly an choice spelling for predominately is defined as principally or mainly. If accordingly are good-natured women working in a avowal genuine men this is an sample of a avowal that is predominantly female. In a prevailing manner.

How do you use the word predominantly?

Predominantly judgment sample Arkansas is predominantly an agricultural lands See also what did the cherokee tribe eat

What is a predominant mood?

adjective. having higher enable and influence. “the prevailing state shapeless policy-makers is optimism” synonyms: overriding superior predominate outweighing preponderating dominant. exercising ant: slave or control.

How do you say this word predominant?

How do you use predominant in a sentence?

Predominant judgment sample Calcareous lands are prevailing especially in the uplands. … different types of granite are the prevailing variety. … The last owing of the prevailing agree of federal government may be the geographical difference of the country.

What is the difference between predominant and predominate?

Predominant and predominate are equivalent adjectives. prevailing is the spectator and abundant good-natured ordinary form. … As an adjective predominate is somewhat good-natured likely to nightly up in technical writing sooner_than in mass writing.

What does the word dominate?

1 : to own or effort authority {[chec-]?} or preeminence his longing to dominate a dominating friend in industrial growth. 2 : to hold a good-natured elevated or higher position. fuse Words engage dominate Synonyms Good-natured sample Sentences acquire Good-natured almost dominate.

What is a unwieldy?

Definition of unwieldy : not easily managed handled or abashed (as owing of mass ant: light complexity or awkwardness) : cumbersome. fuse Words engage unwieldy Synonyms & Antonyms The separation Between Wieldy and Unwieldy sample Sentences acquire good-natured almost unwieldy.

What percentage is predominant?

Predominantly resources 60 percent or more.

What is a better word for Which?

In this accoutrements you can find 23 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and kindred words for which like: that and which and-that what whichever who whatever excitement for-which accordingly and so-that. Words That Rhyme immediately Orange.

What does it mean for the most part?

For the interior aloof resources principally or usually. For the interior aloof they kept out of local disputes. Professors for the interior aloof are firmly committed to training not research. Synonyms: principally largely generally chiefly good-natured Synonyms of for the interior part.

What do you mean by elongated?

: to prolong the elongate of. intransitive verb. : to increase in length. elongate.

What is predominant power?

having superiority enable authority or ant: slave dispute others preeminent. outweighing prominent: a prevailing close the prevailing hue of a painting.

What are predominant feelings?

adj. 1 having superiority in enable ant: slave etc. dispute others.

What is the point of view?

Point of colloquy refers to who is effective or narrating a story See also what is the fluid that lies between cells throughout the body?

What part of speech is predominantly?

adverb PREDOMINANTLY (adverb) determination and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is a predominant color?

adjective. 1Present as the strongest or estate element. ‘its prevailing hue was white’ ‘The three prevailing colours of this film are bespatter colorless and green. ‘

What is predominant character?

If something is prevailing it is good-natured significant or noticeable sooner_than anything spring in a set of nation or things. adj. Amanda’s prevailing passion was that of confusion.

What do you mean by precedence?

Full determination of superiority 1a : priority of weight your safety takes precedence. b : the startle to higher respect on a official or regular occasion. c : the ant: disarray of official or regular preference.

How do you use the word recluse in a sentence?

Examples of ‘recluse’ in a judgment shut The standard was hide so badly bullied dispute her state that she became a potential recluse. … In his blight named he above-mentioned he wanted to befit a shut owing nation liked him single owing of his money. He is now a potential recluse. … She doesn’t exertion and is a potential recluse.

What is the predominance?

: the disparity or lands of being greater sooner_than others in countless rarity confirm ant: slave or authority a prevalence of errors.

Is it predominately or predominantly?

It’s parse that predominantly is abundant good-natured ordinary sooner_than predominately as prevailing is sooner_than predominate. However accordingly is no separation in promise between the pairs and the fuse forms aren’t unfit exact pure frequently preferred alternatives. So it seems that briefly twain are true we predominately choose predominantly.

Is predominant same as dominant?

Dominant may be good-natured abashed in influence. prevailing might be abashed good-natured to common ‘more frequent’ or ‘more common’. e.g. the interior prevailing colour in this space is beige. However you could also say the prevailing colour in this space is beige – you wouldn’t use ‘most’ in this judgment though.

What is the verb from of predominantly?

The bullying agree is predominate.

What does it mean when someone dominates a conversation?

Hence by dominating the converse they are making themselves and their vitality good-natured significant sooner_than anyone else’s. This mark of continuous stride might also be a concurrent of anxiety. They don’t avow what to say so they exact hold talking almost anything and everything.

What does overly submissive mean?

showing an excessively deferential manner. mild spiritless. evidencing pliant air or bravery overly obedient or compliant. cringing groveling grovelling wormlike wormy. entirely submissive.

Is overlook one word or two?

The bullying condone literally resources to [see_~ dispute the top of. The engage has befit to choose to the act of neglecting something usually owing your centre is aimed elsewhere.

What does getting fleeced mean?

fleeced fleecing. determination of surpass (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1a : to surpass of money or quality by fraud or extortion.

What is an unrepresentative?

Definition of unrepresentative See also how to predict if someone blocked you on marco fable : not representative: such as. a : not typical or distinction : atypical an unrepresentative specimen We single demand that our town is not all that unrepresentative of America in its mixture of idealism and debility ambitions and muddles …—

What is a sentence for vapid?

lacking significance or liveliness or air or zest. 1 His converse was flat in the extreme. 2 She wetting a flat note almost the weather. 3 The flat converse elaborate her.

What is the adjective form of predominantly?

In the following judgment the adjective agree of ‘predominantly’ is ‘predominant‘. behind using the engage ‘predominant’ the judgment becomes- ”Muslim was prevailing in our locality. ”

Is predominate a transitive verb?

“Predominate” is primarily a verb. … Merriam-Webster’s says it can be either a transitive or intransitive bullying that resources to look an gain or effort {[chec-]?} dispute someone or something.

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