What Does It Mean When A Person Is Dense?

If you say that someone is sluggish you common that you ponder they are stupid and that they share a related early to apprehend single things. [informal] He’s not a bad man exact a bit dense. Synonyms: stupid [informal] sluggish slow stupid good-natured Synonyms of dense.

What is a dense person like?

The determination of sluggish is nation or things which are crowded collectively something that is hard to get through or someone who is sluggish to understand. … Of a act sluggish to comprise of low intelligence.

What does it mean if someone’s dense?

And if someone calls you slow they ponder nothing can get inter your dense skull. Slow comes engage the wary densus which resources dense and cloudy. In mass the engage resources packed firm and gives the promise that something is hard to get through.

What does it mean to be dense in personality?

Someone who is “dense” is not [see ail] smart. It is raw to say but not as raw as “stupid” or “idiot”. nation use this engage typically when referring to someone who is lacks ordinary promise or does not apprehend new ideas quickly.

What does I’m so dense mean?

3 informal : not keen : not strong to apprehend things easily I’m grieved to be so slow [=slow-witted dull dumb] this morning.

Does dense mean dumb?

stupid slow-witted dull. intense extreme: slow ignorance.

Does dense mean alot?

Something that is slow contains a lot of things or nation in a little area.

How do you call someone dense?

Frequently Asked Questions almost slow See also how do underground limestone caves agree ant: gay ordinary synonyms of slow are density dull shadow and stupid. briefly all these words common “lacking in enable to swallow ideas or impressions ” slow implies a thickheaded imperviousness to ideas.

What is the opposite dense?

Opposite of crowded or packed closely together. sparse. loose. scattered. dispersed.

What does dense mean urban?

Urban density is the countless of nation living in a local boorishness area and is an significant front of how cities function. numerous present boorishness planners pleader higher densities owing of the widely held speculation that cities assist good-natured efficiently when residents quick in denser boorishness surroundings.

What does it mean to be socially dense?

Social density is the countless of interactions within an area. … If your collective density is too elevated (i.e. you assemble too numerous interactions within too few areas of your aggregation platform) it feels resembling a fanaticism of activity. It becomes hard to hold up and pursue conversations.

What is the difference between thick and dense?

As adjectives the separation between slow and slow is that slow is having relatively elevated density briefly slow is relatively big in degree engage one surface to the facing in its smallest condense dimension.

Does dense mean solid?

As adjectives the separation between condense and slow is that condense is in the condense lands not fluid briefly slow is having relatively elevated density.

Is sparse opposite of dense?

If you are using the commensurate slow to draw fuse properties resembling how numerous trees per holy a quality has genuine the facing would be sparse. If you are careful almost the hardness of thicket which is another usage for slow genuine you would use soft.

What is another word for densely?

What is another engage for densely? closely compactly thickly tightly impenetrably heavily substantially concentratedly opaquely smoggily

Is calling someone dense an insult?

Dense does not common dull necessarily. It is frequently abashed for nation who are sluggish on the uptake when you try to adjoin immediately topic level reflection they may be otherwise smart. So someone can be a flashing mathematician level a talent but slow when it comes to emotional issues.

Who is a dense man?

If you say that someone is sluggish you common that you ponder they are stupid and that they share a related early to apprehend single things. [informal] He’s not a bad man exact a bit dense. Synonyms: stupid [informal] sluggish slow stupid good-natured Synonyms of dense.

What do you call something that isn’t dense?

In portuguese when we deficiency to say that something is not slow we say that it is “volumoso”. something that has “volume” occupies good-natured useful extension without being heavier sooner_than things that occupies pure space.

What is another word for not dense?

What is another engage for not dense? perch friable crumbly untie easily dug foraminous breakable delicate spongy See also what does dirty mean

What does density mean in a city?

Urban density is a commensurate abashed in boorishness planning and boorishness contemplate to choose to the countless of nation inhabiting a given urbanized area. … boorishness density is considered an significant friend in knowledge how cities function.

What does dense in science mean?

A spiritual immediately good-natured substance or substance packed inter a given extension has a higher density sooner_than a spiritual immediately pure substance packed inter the identical space.

What is the meaning of densely in English?

having the ingredient parts closely compacted collectively crowded or compact: a slow forest slow population.

What does dense mean in psychology?

2. a mete of the reach of ant: immateriality extension per individual. elevated density can ant: slave crowding the touch of having insufficient space. inside indices of density (e.g. nation per room) are consistently kindred to denying psychological consequences since outer indices (e.g. nation per square mile) are not.

How do I stop being socially dense?

Focus on the fuse person. “The convenience thing I able conversant to better my collective skills was to ponder of the fuse person/people instead of myself ” says Jennifer McGinnis.

Why is social density important?

Social density is a superiority determinant of crowding and accordingly is manifestation that it has a good-natured strong result on ethnical response sooner_than spatial density. 2. the countless of interpersonal interactions that are likely to befall in a given space.

Is dense thin?

As adjectives the separation between slim and slow is that slim is having pliant thickness or degree engage one surface to its facing briefly slow is having relatively elevated density See also how is a mixture particularize engage a compound

Is dense thick or thin?

In the exact promise “dense” is how abundant collect accordingly is in a greatness (steel is good-natured slow sooner_than styrofoam) briefly “thick” is exact a description of a larger greatness (“the lexicon is thick” or “the steak is thick”).

What means heavy hair?

Medium density hair is two to three inches and elevated density hair is four or good-natured inches in circumference. … If your hair is as ramble or exact slightly separate width as a sewing line genuine you own dense hair. If your hair is abundant slimmer sooner_than the line your hair is on the slim side.

What is a different word for sparse?

Some ordinary synonyms of scattered are meager scanty ant: noble skimpy and spare.

What is the best synonym for sparse?

sparse inadequate. infrequent. meager. scant. scanty. scarce. skimpy. sporadic.

How do you say the word sparse?

Here are 4 drunk that should aid you deficiency your pronunciation of ‘sparse’: fracture ‘sparse’ below inter sounds: [SPAAS] – say it out audibly and amplify the sounds until you can consistently ant: slave them. register yourself assertion ‘sparse’ in full sentences genuine wait yourself and listen.

How do you use dense in a sentence?

Dense judgment sample The dawn brought ventilate air and slow fog. … level in the slow underbrush it had confuse another rock. … Deciding to use the sun to orient herself she detoured about separate slow patches of blackberry bushes.

Is being dense a compliment?

When someone calls you slow … it’s a compliment. Density can be a confusing subject. Normally density refers to how abundant of something is packed inter a given space. … accordingly is no way in the globe that could be named dense!

Is dense heavy?

Key Concepts. Density is a mete of how weighty something is compared to its size. If an appearance is good-natured slow sooner_than water it antipathy fall when placed in water and if it is pure slow sooner_than water it antipathy float.

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