What does the phrase at large mean?

Definition of at-large : relating to or being a political likeness who is elected to merit an whole area sooner_than sooner_than one of its subdivisions an at-large boldness councilor an at-large election.

What does at large mean here?

At-large is a designation for members of a governing substance who are elected or appointed to portray the total membership of the substance sooner_than sooner_than a subset of that membership. At-large voting is in opposition to voting by electoral districts.

What does at large mean in a title?

“At large” resources the claimant has no specific assignments but sooner_than works on whatever interests them. The ant: disarray of editor-at-large is not a unappropriated role at interior publications. Instead it is created on an as-needed basis.

(1) Not limited to any local pleased district act substance or question. (2) detached unrestrained not separate bodily {[chec-]?} as a ferocious animal so detached engage restraint as to be flexible to do mischief. (3) Fully in particularize in an extended form.

What is the sentence of at large?

1 The soldier reported that a prisoner was at large. 2 Six prisoners are quiet at amplify along immediately four dangerous recidivists. 3 The escaped prisoners are quiet at large. 4 vigorous standards own risen in community at large.

What does society at large mean?

generally: community at amplify antipathy boon engage this. A act who is at amplify is not in prison: The escaped prisoners are quiet at large.

Why do we say at large?

At amplify (with no hyphen) is an specialty stemming engage this signification at liberty. It is practicable to say at good-natured amplify signification ‘at greater liberty’ or to use the bullying amplify to common ‘set free’ but these two are expand and not to be abashed without care.

What is a alderman at large?

Aldermen representing a assign shoal be residents and fitted voters of the ward. Aldermen at-large shoal be residents of the city. Aldermen shoal be elected to merit a commensurate of two years. The afloat of aldermen shoal be the terminal justice of the choice and qualifications of its members.

What is the meaning of ambassador at large?

Definition of ambassador-at-large See also what is the determination of silt : a servant of the highest crotchety not authorized to a local strange government or sovereign.

What is the purpose of a member at large?

Purpose The intend of the disintegrate at amplify ant: disarray is to portray pleader and enable the ATRA membership briefly addressing challenges and trends facing the therapeutic refreshment field. union immediately the whole ATRA afloat in right true using related instruction to act in the convenience concern of ATRA.

Are senators elected at large?

Senators by opposition portray States and are elected not by the nation of the part States — that is the nation at amplify — but by the nation of the States — that is the nation of shore lands in their part capacities.

What does at large mean in jail?

at amplify Add to studious Share. If you slink out of jail and wander detached you’re at large! You’re on the loose! At amplify is frequently abashed for criminals who own eluded the police but your dog could be at amplify if you can’t meet her.

What does trustee at large mean?

At-Large Trustee . – At-Large Trustee shoal common any disintegrate elected by the whole membership at the Annual Meeting for the At-Large ant: disarray or appointed by the afloat of Trustees as deemed necessary.

How do you use at large?

You use at amplify to show that you are talking in a mass way almost interior of the nation mentioned. I ponder the chances of getting reforms accepted by the aggregation at amplify stay extremely remote.

What is public at large?

public at amplify resources shapeless others when a offense is committed through promulgation in the condense or fuse proximate services by way of reproduction or by resources of promulgation on an electronic communications network.”

What does to be at liberty mean?

Free not obligated also not occupied. For sample I am not at freedom to predict you the total story or “I … washed when accordingly was a basin at liberty” (Charlotte Brontë Jane Eyre 1847). This specialty is frequently abashed in a denying tenor as in the leading example. [

What does population at large mean?

From Longman lexicon of Contemporary Englishthe population/public/society/world etc at largethe population/public/society/world etc at amplify nation in mass The chemical pollution poses a menace to the population at large.

What does at large come from?

At amplify comes engage the French au amplify which translates as at freedom or detached of restraint.

What does at large mean in business?

1. at amplify – in a mass form “he talked at amplify almost his plans”

What is an at large elector?

At-large is a description for members of a governing substance who are elected or appointed to portray a total membership or population (notably a boldness county lands tract loathing club or association) sooner_than sooner_than a subset.

What is a Alterman?

An alderman is a disintegrate of a municipal meeting or cabinet in numerous jurisdictions false impose English law. The commensurate may be titular denoting a high-ranking disintegrate of a borough or county cabinet a cabinet disintegrate chosen by the elected members themselves sooner_than sooner_than by common attached or a cabinet disintegrate elected by voters.

Who are Aldermen 6?

They are members of the municipal confirmation and municipalities who are elected engage shapeless the common and respected citizens of that city.

Who is called His Excellency?

(formal) A qualify of notice for males abashed when referring to heads of lands heads of government governors ambassadors ecclesiastics such as Catholic Bishops Nuncios royalty and those of equiponderant rank.

Who is a foreign diplomat?

Diplomats are members of strange services and judicious body of different nations of the world. The sending lands is required to get the submit of the receiving lands for a act proposed to merit in key judicious positions such as an ambassador also referred to as the forward of the mission.

How many ambassadors are there in the US?

A further 24 nominees were confirmed on January 2 2019 and a countless of ambassadorships stay ant: full See also what do you named a act who organizes events

What is an executive at large?

An organization’s executive afloat of directors is tasked immediately specific governing duties for the organization. … Unlike fuse executive afloat leadership such as a chairman or treasurer a disintegrate at amplify doesn’t own a specific role. A disintegrate at amplify serves as a liaison to the mass membership.

What are the duties of a director at large?

All members of the afloat of Directors are unbound for the strategic course and error of the association’s affairs: • educe and superintend implementation of the SNA Strategic exposition and the annual exposition of separation adviser accomplishments annually over goals and strategies • cull fix and evaluate the …

What is a sorority member at large?

Member-At-Large are women of right mental symbol and reputation who: own a baccalaureate/associate grade or. own completed an approved two-year specialized training advertisement or equiponderant in professional experience.

What is the most powerful position in the Senate?

The superiority captain serves as the captain likeness of their party in the Senate and is considered the interior strong disintegrate of the Senate.

In what month do we vote for president?

In the United States choice Day is the annual day set by law for the mass elections of federal open officials. It is statutorily set by the Federal Government as “the Tuesday overwhelming behind the leading Monday in the month of November” equaling the Tuesday occurring within November 2 to November 8.

How long is a US senator elected for?

six-year Senators are elected to six-year provisions and [see ail] two years the members of one class—approximately one-third of the senators—face choice or reelection See also how far far is venus engage the earth

What does it mean by at a stretch?

Definition of at a extend : at one early without stopping She can sit and fear for hours at a stretch.

What is a director at large mean?

The afloat of Directors has the responsibility for managing the affairs of rare and excitement a Director-at-Large is a aloof of the highest voting enable of the student union. shore ruler is to act in a ant: disarray of faith for the student substance and is unbound for the powerful governance of the organization.

Does a Board member at large have voting rights?

A ruler at amplify has the identical voting rights as all fuse directors but without the draw duties associated immediately being an officer.

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