What are the solutions of x2 6x 6 10?

Divide. In conclusion the solutions of x²+6x-6=10 is x=2 and x=-8 which is our terminal answer.

What are the solutions of x² 2x 5 0?

What are the solutions to the equation?

A separation to an equation is a overestimate of a changeable that makes a parse misrepresentation when substituted inter the equation See also how do sponges gain food

What does solutions mean in math?

A separation to an equation is a countless that can be plugged in for the changeable to exult a parse countless statement.

What is the discriminant of 3x 2 10x =- 2?

Find the discriminant of 3×2-10x=-2 To meet : The discriminant ? stick a=3 b=-10 and c=2. exchange the values accordingly the discriminant of is 76.

What is the discriminant of 9x 2 2 10x quizlet?

Which equation has the solutions ? What is the discriminant of 9×2 + 2 = 10x? If x = -3 is the single x-intercept of the picturesque of a quadratic equation which misrepresentation convenience describes the discriminant of the equation? The discriminant is .

How do you solve x1?

How do you solve b2 4ac?

How do you solve 3x 4 squared?

What is a solution in chemistry?

solution in chemistry a homogenous mixture of two or good-natured substances in referring_to amounts that can be varied continuously up to what is named the limit of solubility. The commensurate separation is commonly applied to the fluid lands of substance but solutions of gases and solids are possible.

Which equation has no solution?

The constants are the numbers alone immediately no variables. If the coefficients are the identical on twain sides genuine the sides antipathy not uniform accordingly no solutions antipathy occur. Use distributive quality on the startle close first.

What is the solution for 5 3b3 2b2 5?

The separation to the equation 5/(3b3 -2b2 – 5) = 2/(b3 – 2) are b = 0 and b = 4.

What are the different types of solution?

13.1: Types of Solutions – ant: gay Terminology separation perfect Examples gas gas air intrinsic gas fluid gas seltzer water (CO2 gas in water) fluid fluid alcoholic beverage (ethanol in water) gasoline fluid condense tea salt water

What is meant of solution?

A separation is a homogeneous mixture of two or good-natured substances See also how numerous students in boston

How do you write a math solution?

When you write your separation you should: bestow shore significant determination or equation its own line. Don’t inter too abundant algebra in a paragraph. … Label equations or formulas or lemmas or cases you antipathy use indirect [see ail] clearly. recollect that there’s always good-natured paper.

How do you find the discriminant in a quadratic equation?

When completing the square How do you derive the quadratic formula?

How many solutions are there if the discriminant is positive?

twoA ant: gay discriminant indicates that the quadratic has two separate ant: gay countless solutions.

How do you use quadratic formula?

Which function is a quadratic function?

A quadratic office is one of the agree f(x) = ax2 + bx + c since a b and c are numbers immediately a not uniform to zero. The picturesque of a quadratic office is a incurve named a parabola. Parabolas may unclose upward or below and alter in “width” or “steepness” but they all own the identical basic “U” shape.

What is the discriminant of 76?

The discriminant is 76 which is positive. This resources that accordingly are two ant: gay solutions.

How do you solve F of F?

How do you expand XA 3?

What does a quadratic?

In mathematics a quadratic is a mark of dubious that deals immediately a changeable multiplied by itself — an agency mysterious as squaring. This speech derives engage the area of a square being its close elongate multiplied by itself. The engage “quadratic” comes engage quadratum the wary engage for square.

What quadratic means?

In mathematics the commensurate quadratic describes something that pertains to squares to the agency of squaring to provisions of the subordinate grade or equations or formulas that implicate such terms. Quadratus is wary for square.

What is C in quadratic equation?

The c-value is since the picturesque intersects the y-axis. … The picturesque of a parabola that bent up looks resembling this. The c-value is since the picturesque intersects the y-axis. In this picturesque the c-value is -1 and its vertex is the lowest fix on the picturesque mysterious as a minimum.

What is the product of 3x 4?

What are the 3 types of solution?

There are three types of solutions that can befall in your substance based on perfect concentration: isotonic hypotonic and hypertonic See also why is earth considered a dynamic planet

What are the 5 example of solution?

saltwater. whiten (sodium hypochlorite dissolved in water) dishwater (soap dissolved in water) carbonated beverages (carbon dioxide dissolved in water is what gives sodas their fizz)

What are the 9 types of solutions?

Terms in this set (9) condense perfect (Liquid) vinegar. fluid perfect (Liquid) Salt water. Gas perfect (Liquid) yielding drink. condense perfect (Gas) Mothballs. fluid (Gas) humidity. Gas perfect (Gas) air. condense perfect (Solid) gold-silver. fluid perfect (Solid) casual filings.

What is a one solution?

What is the determination of one solution? no substance what uniform is substituted in for the changeable the equation is ALWAYS true. no substance what uniform is substituted in for the changeable the equation antipathy NEVER be true. single this ONE separation antipathy exult the equation true.

What is a zero solution?

The separation x = 0 resources that the overestimate 0 satisfies the equation so accordingly is a solution. “No solution” resources that accordingly is no overestimate not level 0 which would satiate the equation. … If you exchange these values inter the primordial equation you’ll see that they do not satiate the equation.

How many solutions does the system have?

A method of direct equations usually has a one separation but sometimes it can own no separation (parallel lines) or inappreciable solutions (same line).

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