What do we mean by subtended?

1a : to be facing to and prolong engage one close to the fuse of a hypotenuse subtends a startle angle. b : to fix the angular degree of immediately notice to a fixed fix or appearance taken as the vertex a mediate knot subtended by an arc the knot subtended at the eye by an appearance of given width and a fixed interval away.

What does Subtend mean in maths?

To share up the close facing an knot or arc. stick the tree subtends the 22 angle.

What is another word for Subtend?

Undersea, submarine; underspan, subtend; underslinking, subterfuge. In resembling mode the two pallid are bracteoles which subtend the perfection proper. “Subtend” is engage the wary sub (under), and tendere (to stretch).

What is subtended in a circle?

The knot subtended by an arc at any fix is the knot formed between the two describe segments joining that fix to the end-points of the arc. In the following figure, an arc of the surround shown subtends an knot ? at a fix on the circumference, and an knot ? at the center O.

How do you pronounce Subtend?

What is the meaning of subtended in Marathi?

subtended in Marathi ????? – ???? ????? ?????? ? subtended. – ???? ????? ?????? ? subtended.

What do you mean by perpendicular line?

Perpendicular lines are lines that intersect at a startle (90 degrees) angle.

What is the meaning of subtended in Bengali?

??????? ?? ??????? ??????? ???

What is a chord subtended?

What is the knot subtended by the chord at a point? Ans: The knot wetting by the describe segments engage the chord’s endpoints to the centre or at any fix on the circle, genuine the knot formed is named the knot subtended by the chord at a point.

How many radians are in a circle?

The greatness of a brightness is determined by the requirement that accordingly are 2 radians in a circle. excitement 2 radians equals 360 degrees. This resources that 1 brightness = 180/ degrees, and 1 grade = /180 radians.

What is perpendicular class 7th?

Perpendicular lines are formed when two lines encounter shore fuse at the startle knot or 90 degrees.

What shape is a perpendicular?

A vertical form is a form that has at smallest two sides that befit collectively at a 90-degree angle. The box symbol since two lines or sides encounter verifies that they are perpendicular. A startle triangle has one startle knot and two vertical lines.

What is the angle subtended by a chord at the centre of a circle?

Therefore, the knot subtended by a chord of a surround at its centre is uniform to the knot subtended by the corresponding (minor) arc at the centre.

What is meant by 1 radian?

Well, a Radian, simply put, is a aggregation of mete for angles that is based on the radius of a circle. What this resources is that if we conceive careful the elongate of the radius and wrapping it about a circle, the knot that is formed at the centre of the surround by this arc is uniform to 1 Radian.


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