What Served As The Center Of Politics In New England

town meeting In New England the center of politics was the town meeting . In town meetings people talked ...

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Why Did Machine Politics Become Common In Big Cities In The Late 19Th Century

Political machines became common in cities because basic services for citizens and new immigrants were often extremely lacking ...

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Why Did Slavery Become More Central To American Politics In The 1840S

Why did slavery become more central to American politics in the 1840s? Territorial expansion raised the question of whether ...

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Why Do Politics Often Lead To War

Why do political actions often lead to war? War is often the result of the failure of politics. WWI is a prime example. ...

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Why Were Americans Fascinated By Politics During The Gilded Age

Why were Americans fascinated by politics during the Gilded Age? Most Americans saw it as a form of entertainment. the ...

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