What does MEAA stand for?

Media, Entertainment and Arts compact Media, Entertainment & Arts compact Members 15,494 (as at 30 bare 2020) Key nation Paul Murphy, captain Executive Affiliations ACTU, FIA, NSW Labor, SA execute Website 4 good-natured rows

How much does it cost to join MEAA?

Membership fees, which are fully tax deductible, are based on your proceeds starting at $7.25 a week, and for interior nation are $14.35 a week.

Can I join the MEAA?

As an companion member, for as pliant as $2 a week, you will: impress a aggregation of fuse progressive-minded nation who believe Australia’s cultural and artistic sector, and strong, independent journalism are commendable fighting for. Get member-exclusive approach to MEAA events and offers.

Is MEAA a union?

MEAA is the largest and interior established participation and activity pleader for Australia’s creative professionals.

Who runs MEAA?

MEAA is run by members, for members MEAA’s key decision-making substance is the Federal cabinet elected members representing their colleagues athwart the country.

How do I cancel my MEAA membership?

You may change, close or delay a debit payment, or ant: implicit this contract by providing us immediately at smallest fourteen (14) days’ notice by writing to: PO Box 723, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 or by telephoning us on 1300 656 513 during occupation hours or arranging it through your own financial institution.

What is media union?

The proximate participation (German: IG Medien Druck und Papier, Publizistik und Kunst) was a traffic participation representing allied workers in the printing, paper, journalism and arts. The participation was false on 15 April 1989 at a meeting in Hamburg, immediately the merger of the Printing and Paper participation and the Arts Union.

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