isoperimetric inequality

Who proved the Isoperimetric inequality?

There are, in fact, two ways to mete the spherical area enclosed by a single closed curve, but the disparity is regular immediately the notice to careful the complement. This disparity was discovered by Paul Lvy (1919) who also extended it to higher dimensions and mass surfaces.

What is Isoperimetric problem?

isoperimetric problem, in mathematics, the determination of the form of the closed plane incurve having a given elongate and enclosing the ultimatum area. (In the want of any restriction on shape, the incurve is a circle.)

How do you solve Isoperimetric problems?

What is Green theorem in calculus?

In vector calculus, Green’s theorem relates a describe integral about a single closed incurve C to a augment integral dispute the plane country D boundless by C. It is the two-dimensional particular occurrence of Stokes’ theorem.

What is the plane closed curve of fixed perimeter and maximum area?

The plane incurve of fixed perimeter and ultimatum area is CIRCLE.

What is green and Stokes Theorem?

Green and Stokes’ Theorems are generalizations of the primary Theorem of Calculus, letting us tell augment integrals dispute 2 dimensional regions to one integrals dispute their boundary; as you application this section, it’s [see ail] significant to try to hold this mental in mind.

Why do we use Stokes Theorem?

Stokes’ theorem provides a relationship between describe integrals and surface integrals. Based on our convenience, one can calculate one integral in provisions of the other. Stokes’ theorem is also abashed in evaluating the curl of a vector field.

Which of the curve gives maximum area subject to the fixed perimeter?

A surround gives the ultimatum area for a given perimeter. So the triangle that gives the ultimatum area for a given perimeter is an equilateral triangle.

Which of the following curves gives maximum area subject to the fixed perimeter?

in well-mannered Engineering. Maths souvenir one mentally active. A surround encloses ultimatum area for a given perimeter ant: fail by a square. In Euclidean geometry, for a plane figure, it’s a circle.

How do you find the maximum area under a curve?

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