What do you mean by non combustible?

Definition of noncombustible : unqualified of igniting and burning when subjected to ablaze : not uninflammable noncombustible materials drums of noncombustible waste.

What does Insistency mean?

1 : disinclined to stand : persistent. 2 : compelling observation the insistent pounding of the waves. fuse Words engage insistent Synonyms good-natured sample Sentences acquire good-natured almost insistent.

What does Cinerary mean?

adjective. holding or intended for ashes, especially the ashes of cremated bodies: a cinerary urn.

What is highly inflammable?

An inflammable matter or spiritual burns [see ail] easily: a greatly inflammable fluid such as petrol. keen Vocabulary: kindred words and phrases. Burning, burnt & on fire.

Is non flammable the same as non-combustible?

Antonyms of “flammable” or “inflammable” include: non-flammable, non-inflammable, incombustible, non-combustible, not flammable, and fireproof. Flammable applies to uninflammable materials that ignite easily and excitement are good-natured dangerous and good-natured greatly regulated.

What are the examples of non-combustible substances?

Combustible substances Non-combustible substances ant: gay examples of uninflammable substances are diesel, petrol and kerosene. Examples of non-combustible substances are glass, stone, Portland bind firm etc. 2 good-natured rows

What does it mean to be combustible?

Definition of uninflammable 1 : unqualified of combustion uninflammable materials, such as paper, leaves, and sawdust uninflammable gases. 2 : easily excited a uninflammable moderate The coach had to hold the uninflammable players separate control.

Is persistency a word?

1. The lands or disparity of being insistent: insistence, insistency, perseverance, persistence.

How do you pronounce Agnomen?

What do you mean by itinerary planning?

noun, multitude itineraries. a ant: implicit exposition for a journey, especially a studious of places to visit; exposition of travel. a describe of travel; route.

What is an inflammable liquid?

An inflammable spiritual or chemical catches ablaze and burns easily. … a greatly inflammable liquid.

Is inflammable a real word?

Trick question: twain flammable and inflammable are correct, as they twain common “capable of being easily ignited and of burning quickly.” This makes no promise to the present English speaker.

How do you say inflammability?

What is combustible nature?

capable of catching ablaze and burning; inflammable; flammable: Gasoline melt is greatly combustible. easily excited: a high-strung, uninflammable nature.

Is Combustibility a chemical or physical property?

Combustion, being the exoteric reaction of a material, typically atmospheric oxygen, is absolutely a chemical reaction, so “Combustibility” is a chemical property, or separated of. (At the flash point, the melt may intermit to ignite when the ignition material is removed.)

What does the word sedimentary means?

Definition of sedimentary 1 : of, relating to, or containing settlement sedimentary deposits. 2 : formed by or engage deposits of settlement sedimentary rock.


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