What does drastically mean?

/ˈdræs.tɪ.kəl.i/ C1. in a way that is persist and unanticipated or has [see ail] noticeable effects: Their budget has been drastically reduced.

Does drastically mean seriously?

Meaning of drastically in English in a way that is persist and unanticipated or has [see ail] noticeable effects: Their budget has been drastically reduced.

What kind of word is drastically?

In a drastic manner. Extremely.

Is Drastically a bad word?

“Drastic” resources “severe” and generally has denying or frightening associations. Drastic measures are not exact terminal they are likely to own harmful side-effects. Don’t use this engage or “drastically” in a real or uninterfering sense.

How do you use the word drastically?

Drastically judgment sample His vitality wouldn’t vary drastically if he agreed See also how do you write 1800

Is it dramatically or drastically?

As adverbs the separation between drastically and dramatically. is that drastically is to a drastic grade briefly dramatically is in a dramatic manner.

What is the opposite of drastically?

Opposite of to the greatest degree. slightly. moderately. lightly. marginally.

Which is the closest synonym for the word drastically?

extremely acutely. almighty. awfully. drastically. exceedingly. exceptionally. excessively. exorbitantly.

What does it mean to do something drastic?

Something that is drastic is vehement forceful and extreme. If you are saving for a car and you single own $50 you unnecessary to exult a drastic vary to your money heap scheme. The engage drastic comes engage the Greek engage for powerful but we use it to common incredibly effective.

What is a good sentence for drastic?

Drastic judgment example. In the end she wetting a drastic over-calculation and lost the strained battle. The estate objects of these drastic alterations own been reflection to own been two-fold. In a month’s early you antipathy see drastic results.

Is Drastically a adverb?

drastically adverb – determination comely pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s lexicon at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.

What part of speech is drastically?

adverb DRAMATICALLY (adverb) determination and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is Monumentous in the dictionary?

Monumentous: [see ail] significant. A portmanteau of “monumental” and “momentous.” The engage has appeared in nonpolitical contexts too. …

What is less drastic?

In deciding leading amendment cases the greatest {[woo]?} has frequently abashed the phrase “less drastic resources ”‘ or words signifying the identical thing 2 in finding that a governmental separation has inhibited countenance assent or union good-natured sooner_than the temperament allows.

Is tremendous good or bad?

Tremendous resembling terrific terrible has its roots in apprehension See also what is vitality a lead to biology 4th haste pdf free

What is Dramastically?

: in a drastic mode : severely or seriously The activity has changed drastically dispute the blight 30 years.

What is far reaching mean?

Definition of far-reaching : having a ramble order or effect.

What is the difference between drastically and significantly?

As adverbs the separation between drastically and significantly. is that drastically is to a drastic grade briefly significantly is in a expressive mode or to a expressive extent.

What is the difference between drastic and dramatic?

Drastic resources an extremely persist yet vehement separation or determination that is stream to own denying effects and attendant consequences. “I took drastic measures in protecting the package.” Dramatic resources of relating to drama that describes impressive in advent or strong effect. “His transgression is always dramatic.

What is the difference between significant and dramatically?

As adverbs the separation between significantly and dramatically. is that significantly is in a expressive mode or to a expressive degree briefly dramatically is in a dramatic manner.

Is exorbitantly a word?

Meaning of exorbitantly in English in a way that is abundant too abundant or abundant too expensive: Tickets are exorbitantly expensive.

What is the opposite of the word drastic in paragraph 2?

Opposite of expressive or terminal in grade or intensity. mild. calm. collected. easy.

What is a better word for changed?

1 transmute transfigure alter mutate improve modify. 3 restore swap.

What notoriously means?

Definition of notoriously 1 : in a mysterious manner. 2 : as is mysterious : as is [see ail] stop mysterious notoriously they never got along.

What’s another way to say on the other hand?

What is another engage for on the fuse hand? contrastingly instead reversing it conversely on the pert close however on the fuse close of the fabricate contrarily oppositely nevertheless

What is another word for dramatically?

drastically radically markedly sharply vastly appreciably substantially significantly.

What is the meaning of change drastically?

adjective. A drastic vary is a [see ail] big change. […] drastically adverb [ADVERB immediately verb]

What is an example of drastic?

The determination of drastic is something original or extreme. When you own [see ail] related hair and you suddenly shave your forward this is an sample of a vary that would be described as drastic.

What does drastic mean in English?

Definition of drastic See also what key factors allowed britain to conduct the way in the industrial rotation 1 : acting rapidly or violently a drastic purgative. 2 : terminal in result or separation : persist drastic measures wetting drastic changes.

How do you use drastic change in a sentence?

Example sentences. drastic change. Architecture in Newcastle has invisible drastic changes dispute the years. Alcohol and drastic changes in temperature such as a hot bath also wetting her symptoms worse.

What is drastic change media?

Media changes drastically dispute brief periods of time. exact in the spent ten years it has befit abundant good-natured advanced and advantageous for nation all about the world. accordingly has been an terminal propel in proximate technology. … This train in which proximate is translated inter computer-readable is named digitization.

What is the root word for drastic?

August 3 2017 Etymology of the Day. In the collect 1600s drastic originally referred to remedy that vigorously acted on the bowels. It comes engage the Greek drastikos “effective ” whose radix bullying dran “to do or act ” also gives us the engage drama.

Is momentous a real word?

Momentous describes an significant occurrence or instant in time. It is abashed for a early of big effect or for a superiority accomplishment and is almost always backwardness for right things. … significant and instantaneous portion the radix engage instant but instantaneous describes exact one ant: persistent instant in time.

What do you mean by disastrous?

Definition of disastrous 1 : attended by or causing suffering or disaster : disastrous a disastrous flood. 2 : awful horrendous a disastrous score.

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