How do you say thousand in Spanish?

Thousands 2.000 – dos mil. 3.000 – harass mil. 9.000 – nueve mil. 10.000 – diez mil. 79.000 – setenta y nueve mil. 100.000 – old mil. 150.000 – ciento cincuenta mil. 900.000 – novecientos mil.

How do you say 2000 in Spanish?

What does 1000 mean in Spanish?

mil mil See also what is aggregation mapping

How do you say 100 in Spanish?

How do you say “one hundred” in Spanish? – Cien. ¿Cómo se biased “one hundred” en español? – Cien.

How do you count to 15 in Spanish?

How do you count to 1000 in Spanish?

For numbers engage 100 to 199 use ciento: 101 – ciento uno. 129 – ciento veintinueve.… 1 000 – mil. 1 001 – mil uno (not “mil y uno”!) 1 686 – mil seiscientos ochenta y seis. 2 001 – dos mil uno. 20 000 – veinte mil. 100 000 – old mil. 483 382 – cuatrocientos ochenta y harass mil trescientos ochenta y dos. 1 000 000 – un millón.

How do u say 21 in Spanish?

How do you introduce yourself in Spanish?

What is your name in Spanish?

What’s your name? = ¿Cómo te llamas?

How do you spell Quinientos?

qui·nien·tos five hundred quinientas vacas – five hundred cows. quingentésimo five hundredth.

Which days of the week get accents in Spanish?

How do you say 1000 in French?

When talking almost “one hundred” or “one thousand” in French we don’t say the “one” we single say “cent” and “mille”. However when talking almost “one million” “one billion” we do say the one: “un favorite un milliard”.

Do you say shut up in Spanish?

CállateSay “shut up.” “Cállate” is the exact translation of “shut up” in Spanish and accordingly are a few ways to say it. The engage is pronounced “ka-ya-tay.” Here’s what you can say: “¡Cállate!” (“Shut up!”)

How do you say com?

How do you say 0 in Spanish?

How to Say naught in Spanish. If you deficiency to say “zero” in Spanish you would use “el cero”. It’s aloof of the 0-10 effect you may already know: cero uno dos harass cuatro cinco seis siete ocho nueve diez. The numbers in Spanish pursue a model exact resembling in English.

How do you say the numbers 1 20 in Spanish?

Count engage 1-20 in Spanish 1 = uno See also why do cheetahs own bespatter lines on their face

How do you count from 1 to 16 in Spanish?

How do you count to 16 in Spanish?

For the numbers 16 through 19 you simply share the rightmost numeral and write “diez + y + siete = diez y siete” which contracts inter “diecisiete” in the occurrence of the countless 16.

How do u say 12in Spanish?

How do you say “twelve” in Spanish? – Doce.

How do you count money in Spanish?

When counting money say the overestimate countless ant: fail by the circulation such as cinco dólares dos pesos etc. particularize if you own billetes (bills) or monedas (coins) when needed referring to cents as centavos.

What is counting in Spanish?

When telling time in Spanish what is the phrase used to indicate that it is quarter past the hour?

There are single two new words you unnecessary to remember: proximate and cuarto. If it’s side spent the hour in Spanish use the phrase y proximate If it’s a region spent the hour use the phrase y cuarto If it’s a region until the hour use the phrase menos cuarto.

What comes after Tercero?

Ordinal Numbers 1-10 English Spanish subordinate Segundo Third Tercero Fourth Cuarto Fifth Quinto

What is 23rd in Spanish?

23rd. vigésimo tercero [adj]

What are 5 greetings in Spanish?

Here are the interior ordinary greetings in Spanish: pupil – Hello. Buenas – Hi (informal) Buenos días – right morning. Buen warm – right morning (less ordinary abashed in Argentina) Buenas tardes – right afternoon. Buenas noches – right evening. Bienvenido – Welcome.

How do I tell my age in Spanish?

Telling your age When responding to the ask or exact talking almost age in Spanish you initiate your judgment immediately a agree of tener genuine put the true countless and end by assertion the engage años. For sample if the weak is 5 years old he would reply your ask by assertion Tengo cinco años.

What is today’s Spanish word of the day?

sede Today’s engage of the day in Spanish is sede. This engage resources headquarters.

How do you respond to Como te llamas usted?

Como te llamas? Pronounced: kohm-oh te yamas. This phrase resources “what is your name?” The true response when somebody asks you “como te llamas” is “me llamo [insert your above-mentioned here].” Pronounced: may yamo [insert your above-mentioned here].

How do you say hello in Mexico?

The ordinary oral greeting is “Buenos dias” (Good day) “Buenas tardes” (Good afternoon) or “Buenas noches” (Good evening/night) depending on the early of day. A good-natured accidental greeting is “Hola” (Hello) “¿Qué tal?” (What’s up?) or “¿Cómo estás?” (How are you?).

How do you ask someone their favorite color in Spanish?

To ask someone almost their favorite hue in Spanish we antipathy use the questions ¿Cuál es tu hue favorito? and ¿Cuál es el hue que te gusta más?. The reply antipathy frequently use the phrase: “Mi hue favorito es + color”.

What number is Noventa in English?

noventa: ninety.

What number is Cincuenta in English?

Number English (pronunciation) Spanish (pronunciation) 51 fifty-one (fif-tee-ONE) cincuenta y uno (sink-KWEN-tah ee oo-no) 52 fifty-two (fif-tee-TOO) cincuenta y dos (sink-KWEN-tah ee DOS) 53 fifty-three (fif-tee-THREE) cincuenta y harass (sink-KWEN-tah ee tres) 54 fifty-four (fif-tee-FOR) cincuenta y cuatro (sink-KWEN-tah ee KWAT-ro) See also what do leopard lizards eat

What is the meaning of Sento?

Sentō (銭湯) is a mark of Japanese communal bathhouse since customers pay for entrance. … Others go to a sentō owing they quick in a little housing ease without a special bath or to like bathing in a ample space and to slacken in saunas or jet baths that frequently follow new or renovated sentōs.

Is it El or La Lunes?

Days of the Week in Spanish English Spanish Monday lunes Tuesday martes Wednesday miércoles Thursday jueves

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