History of Homo Naledi

Homo naledi is a species of archaic ethnical discovered in 2013 in the active set_out Cave, Cradle of Humankind, South Africa kind to the Middle Pleistocene 335,000236,000 years ago. The initial discovery comprises 1,550 specimens, representing 737 particularize elements, and at smallest 15 particularize individuals.

Who did Homo naledi evolve from?

naledi fits twisting humankind’s tree. interior researchers suit that the proximate ancestor of Homo sapiens was H. erectus, which leading appeared 1.8 favorite years ago.

Did Homo naledi have a chin?

The fossil fragments portray as numerous as delicate individuals, including a almost full female skeleton. The features of the skull are [see ail] correspondent to that of Homo erectus, including the nearness of a sagittal keel, an arching intimidate ridges and nuchal torus, and the bespatter of a grin (Figure 11.18).

What is the brain size of H. naledi?

But it turns out that the identical brain structures that ant: disarray up in humans and in the Homo naledi endocasts ant: disarray up in separate fuse members of the genus Homo, level reflection brain greatness varies widely engage about 450 to 600 cubic cm in Homo naledi to 1,450 cubic cm in present humans.


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