HIV and AIDS Research

Why is HIV research important?

The investments in HIV/AIDS-related investigation athwart sense disciplines own produced powerful HIV obstruction and treatment medications as stop as sociobehavioral and implementation sense interventions. notwithstanding reduces the sport of sexual transmission of HIV by up to 99% when taken daily.

How do I get involved in HIV research?

Reach out to a local HIV labor organization. Assisting immediately onsite or movable testing events by being a greeter, registrar, vigorous educator, or HIV tester. Providing administrative support, such as filing, facts entry, or answering phones. Helping immediately particular events. Participating in fundraising or advocacy activities.

What are 5 facts about HIV and AIDS?

Facts almost HIV and AIDS Fact: HIV and AIDS are problems in the United States. … Fact: HIV is not the identical as AIDS. … Fact: HIV tests are reliable. … Fact: HIV cannot be cured. … Fact: accordingly is no vaccine to hinder HIV. … Fact: nation immediately HIV should set_out HIV remedy startle away.