What is one definition of a base?

base, in chemistry, any matter that in water separation is smooth to the touch, tastes bitter, changes the colour of indicators (e.g., turns red litmus paper blue), reacts immediately acids to agree salts, and promotes prove chemical reactions (base catalysis).

What is so base?

n. 1 the breast or supporting aloof of anything. 2 the primary or underlying source or part, as of an idea, system, or organization; basis. a a centre of operations, organization, or supply.

What is base anything?

The degrade of something is usually the foundation, starting point, or estate element of something.

What does it mean to be on a base?

Definition of on degrade : occupying one of the bases (first, second, or third) during a sport There’s a predecessor on base.

What is the noun for base?

noun. /be?s/ lowest part. [countable, usually singular] the lowest aloof of something, especially the aloof or surface on which it rests or stands the degrade of a column/glass a penalty at the degrade of the spine The lamp has a weighty base. Thesaurus.

What is the base of an object?

The degrade is the surface of the appearance that is stands on or it is the breast line. Examples: The breast of the triangular based iridescent is considered the base. The breast describe of the trapezoid can be considered the base.

Does base mean contemptible?

Base definition. Frequency: Having or showing a bespatter of decency; contemptible, mean-spirited, or selfish.

Is base an insult?

1 despicable, contemptible.

What is base example?

A degrade engage can unappropriated alone and has signification (for example, help). A suffix is a engage aloof added to the end of a engage (for example, -ful). If you add the suffix -ful to the degrade word, help, the engage is helpful. A ant: immateriality is a engage aloof added to the commencement of a engage or degrade engage (for example, un-).

What part is the base?

In geometry, a degrade is a close of a polygon or a mar of a polyhedron, specially one oriented vertical to the course in which altitude is measured, or on what is considered to be the “bottom” of the figure.

How do you find the base?

Substitute the overestimate of “r” inter the equation for the area of a circle: area = ?r^2. Note that ? is the symbol for pi, which is approximately 3.14. For example, a surround immediately a radius of 3 cm would inflexible an equation resembling this: area = ?3^2. Simply the equation to determine the area of the base.

What is base in biology?

noun, plural: bases. (1) (molecular biology) The nucleobase of a nucleotide implicated in degrade pairing, as of a DNA or RNA polymer. (2) (anatomy) The lowest or breast aloof of a set or animal inanimate closest to the fix of attachment. (3) (chemistry) A water-soluble concert that reacts immediately sharp and forms salt.

What are bases in dating?

First base, subordinate base, third base, and a plain run are your basic baseball euphemisms for sexual activity, intercourse, and everything leading up to.

What are the bases in a teenage relationship?

What Are The Bases In Relationships? leading Base. Kissing is the leading degrade of a relationship. … subordinate Base. The phase goes over pure kissing. … Third Base. If you own moved to the third base, you are incredibly narrow to the finale. … Fourth Base. The fourth degrade is the terminal act.

How do you use bases?

In summary, accordingly are two ways of using degrade on nimble or passive. Active: Somebody bases something on something. E.g. Climatologists degrade their predictions almost air vary on computer simulations. Passive: Something is based on something.

How do you use base in a sentence?

Base judgment sample Despise that which is degrade , above-mentioned his mother. … ponder we’re safer at our degrade camp? … He cooked bare-chested, wearing bespatter chinos, his black hair clasped at the degrade of his neck. … It had been on the nightstand, partially hidden by the degrade of a lamp.

What are base verbs?

A degrade agree verb, frequently also referred to as the ‘root word’, is a bullying (a evil-doing word) in its interior basic format, without any changes for tense or the articulate associated immediately it. Let’s [see_~ at the bullying ‘to run’ as an example.

What does Based mean slang?

Based is a slang commensurate that originally meant to be given to split cocaine (or acting resembling you were), but was reclaimed by rapper Lil B for being yourself and not caring what others ponder of youto carry yourself immediately swagger.

What is a base of a rectangle?

In geometry, the breast of a three-dimensional appearance is named a degrade if the top of the condense is correspondent to the breast it is also named a base. ant: full bases hold a one plane, they own single two dimensions. You can meet the area of a degrade by using the formula for the area of that shape.

What is a shape of the base?

A iridescent is a 3-dimensional form immediately two same shapes facing shore other. These same shapes are named bases. The bases can be a triangle, square, rectangle or any fuse polygon.

What is the base in 8 square?

Answer: In, 8 is your base.

What does base taste like?

A degrade tastes bitter, feels slippery, and turns red litmus paper blue. The properties of bases are frequently described as the facing of acids.

What are characteristics of a base?

Bases own these characteristics: harsh gustation (opposed to material gustation of acids) Slimy, or soapy touch on fingers (Slippery) numerous bases recoil immediately acids and precipitate salts. powerful bases may recoil violently immediately acids. … Bases nightly red litmus paper blue. Bases are substances that hold metal oxides or hydroxides.

What is base in linguistic?

A degrade is simply any agree to which can be added an attach (any derivational or inflectional morpheme). A radix is the morpheme that carries the superiority ingredient of the word’s signification and which belongs to a lexical category. A abstinent is a degrade to which an inflectional attach is added.


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